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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

make beats | beat software | how to make beats | beats | dubturbo| : 4 tips for making beats in under 5 minutes with dubturbo

make a beats - 4 tips for making beats in under 5 minutes with dubturbo

for all novice users who wish to dubtubo made ​​beats with dubturbo. Here are some tips that will
make it easier to use dubrtubo made ​​beats on your computer. if you still download by dubturbo so I recommend downloading, no need to be a pro to making beats with dubturbo, even a child of 5 years who knows how to use a computer can beat ave made ​​dubturbo why by you download it now.

1. to start I suggest you know your style. if you know your style. it will be easier to beat because of, you can use a rapper one of your favorite rapper as a major inspiration to help you have to create beat.  

 2. you have 16 tracks to help you save your sounds and musical instruments. This is fairly regular for all music production software. remember that the dance floor the most, will only demand 8 tracks.

 3.like all music applications, you will have access to a variety of guitar to use. when you find one you like, use your computer to play the chorus and beat. then record each instrument one by one up from a song that is your right.

 4.Now you can begin to introduce your voice to the music. for this you will need a microphone to your computer. It can then organize your voice, add or melodies behind and down style editor. that is a function that are developing the music so easily. it is your beat is made.

how to make beats - tips for making beats : 15 tips to help make beat ​​easy

how to make beats - 15 tips to help make beat  ​​easy

for anyone who likes to beat with their made ​​beatmaker here a series of trick that will be very useful to make beats.

1. Always know your style, for me it's my rule of thumb, if you know your style you will be made ​​easier to beat.

 2. you inspire your singer or rapper as major, is a great way to find inspiration for making beats. me is my rapper perefere booba french rapper.

3. listen to rap a lot of your major.

 4. always use quality products to make your beat.

 6. I suggest you use one of these 7 music production software.

 7. Writing your first words you are rapper or a singer trying to start with the first text. the feeling of a beat should stand out for you and give you ideas for intro, hook, etc.

 8. use the forum to learn music production and other technical trick for making beats. I suggest you www.futureproducers.com.

 9. use samples of quality and dub chance Trubo book is the quality samples recorded by the pro proffesionnels.cela is essential to create high-quality beat.

 10. Always make sure your tracks once layers are separated from the rest of your mix. in the other mode does not load samples with different rhythm, a trick to all this user dubturbo.

11. keep in mind that all rap rhythms are generally 80 to 100 BPM (beats per minute).

 12. use training video dubturbo will make you a better beatmaker, word of beatmaker.

 13. watch YouTube videos, it millions of music producer who share tips on technique for making beats.

 14. find someone with the same passion as you, share your opinion for another can be very useful for you, this will allow you to use the forum you improve as I said in the tip 8.

 15. learn to play a musical instrument.

Friday, December 30, 2011

how make beats - free ebook to learn how make beats easily

how to make is a free jam during the wishes make beats.
INSTANT DOWNLOAD this ebook will guide you through the basics and fundamentals of what you need to know a great beatmaker.

if you try to produce Ubain banger hip hop, reggae riddims, remixes house track or other msuicale popular style. monster how we will get the most out of your beat.