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Monday, December 12, 2011

beat software - 7 best software to make beats high quality

in my spare time I like to fight, since my childhood I am passionate about hip-hop.
I always made ​​my dream my own songs. I honestly am not an expert in music production expert, but I would rather that I debroulle very well, I can even sell some of my beats on the internet that allow me to have extra income. Here is a list of my 7 best logciel I used to because of the beats.

known as the best software for producing music dubturbo is a realjewelry made beats on your computer, software easy to use as my preferred sonic producer. if you want to made beats without investing much in equipment so I would recommend dub turbo.  Review turbo dub

Sonic Producer is one of the best software to make beats, it is easy to read uttiliser if I had to give unenote, I donnerat 10/10.
  not need to be a professional to use sonicproducer, thanks to the training available and the many videos that will help you  make ​​beats in under 3 minutes
for those not familiar with cyber sequencer is a quality program by beating and just released recently on the walk. make your own beats, mashups, remixes, all dub plates of high quality stero 44.1. wav. sequencer is a cyber beatsmaker digital point and multi-track logciel. it is so easy in fact a great quality bat Sonnar cyber sequencer.

ACID is the first music production software to provide automatic-stretching and pitch-shifting samples to match the tempo.
  this program encourages a mix style, dance music and pop.

the workstation digital audio ACID Pro allows user to record multitrack.
  ACID Pro is one of the best program creates a loop-based tracks, being the first to introduce music production bases in the loop.

FLStudio is a most popular and exciting world of music production system. all you need to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix as a master of quality music.

Reason is a virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments with which you need to turn your idea into music through a bank of sounds generous and informative flows, reason and helps in the creative process.

for those who do not know Native Instruments has revolutionn√© the world of the dj, music software pretty cool to use.'s firstprofessional DJ software easy friendly software is worth to be used .

for creating beats on your computer in less time, the secret to success has made greatbeats is to always know your style and listen to the songs of manykind of music you wish to use for your beats. if you know of other software by a hesitation to share if you like


  1. I was told Dr drum was the best best program to make beats will you do a review on that for me.

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