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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

make beats | beat software | how to make beats | beats | dubturbo| : 4 tips for making beats in under 5 minutes with dubturbo

make a beats - 4 tips for making beats in under 5 minutes with dubturbo

for all novice users who wish to dubtubo made ​​beats with dubturbo. Here are some tips that will
make it easier to use dubrtubo made ​​beats on your computer. if you still download by dubturbo so I recommend downloading, no need to be a pro to making beats with dubturbo, even a child of 5 years who knows how to use a computer can beat ave made ​​dubturbo why by you download it now.

1. to start I suggest you know your style. if you know your style. it will be easier to beat because of, you can use a rapper one of your favorite rapper as a major inspiration to help you have to create beat.  

 2. you have 16 tracks to help you save your sounds and musical instruments. This is fairly regular for all music production software. remember that the dance floor the most, will only demand 8 tracks.

 3.like all music applications, you will have access to a variety of guitar to use. when you find one you like, use your computer to play the chorus and beat. then record each instrument one by one up from a song that is your right.

 4.Now you can begin to introduce your voice to the music. for this you will need a microphone to your computer. It can then organize your voice, add or melodies behind and down style editor. that is a function that are developing the music so easily. it is your beat is made.

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  1. Best Program to Make Beats
    that program is tuff but have you seen that dr drum man